Let's break down the vision:

Dar es Salaam and other Cities in East Africa

The pattern of the New Testament was to establish churches in major cities such as Rome, Ephesus, Corinth and Thessalonica.  Cities have large and diverse populations, and play a significant role in shaping culture.  The potential for gospel impact is greatest in cities, from where other regions can be reached.

God’s Tribe has a clear mandate to start in Dar-es-Salaam.  However, God has spoken prophetically about God’s Tribe having an impact across East Africa.  



The Gospel

The essence of the Christian faith is found in the gospel.  The gospel is God’s power for salvation (Romans 1:16).  It thunders out against reliance on works as a means to righteousness, pronouncing faith and grace as God’s plan for man to become righteous (Romans 1:17; Ephesians 2:8-9).  Man’s sinfulness and inability to save himself, God’s unconditional and pursuing love, and the redemptive work of Jesus are captured in the gospel.  

The gospel is the good news that brings people to faith in Jesus and helps them to grow as his disciples.  God’s Tribe will share and live the gospel to help unbelievers put their faith in Jesus, and to provoke those that already believe in him to continue embracing its life transforming power.  

The Holy Spirit

Jesus told his disciples not to start their world mission until they had received power from the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-7).  The Holy Spirit gives boldness to witness for Jesus (Acts 4:31) and gifts for the good of the church (1 Corinthians 12:7).  He also convicts people of their sins (John 16:8-9) and gives them strength to live Holy lives (Galatians 5:16).  God’s intention is for the church to be characterised by clear demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power through healing and miracles (1 Corinthians 12:9-10).

God’s Tribe is completely convinced that we can have no impact for God without the Holy Spirit.


Disciples of Jesus

In obedience to the Great Commission, the primary goal of God’s Tribe is to see people come to faith in Jesus and grow into mature disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).  We aim to have disciples that have a deep love for Jesus, demonstrated by a radical commitment to obeying what he commands (John 14:15; John 14:23) and a sincere and genuine love for one another (John 13:35). 

Planting New Churches

God in his sovereignty has chosen to reveal his wisdom through the church (Ephesians 3:10).  He has also called the church to stand against the gates of hell and has entrusted the keys of his kingdom to the church (Matthew 16:18-19).  New churches are presented in the bible as the most effective means of establishing communities of believers.  The church is the primary engine for God’s redemptive work on earth.  The church puts on display God’s love for the lost.

God’s Tribe will plant healthy churches that: are led by called and gifted leaders, honour God’s word, rely on the Holy Spirit, equip their people for good works, remember the poor, and continually make disciples. 


Strengthening Existing Churches

This refers to strengthening foundations (what holds up the church) and rebuilding walls (what demarcates and protects the church) (Isaiah 58:12; Nehemiah 1:17-18). 

With much humility, God’s Tribe believes God has called us to restore the church in East Africa. Areas that will be included in this restorative work include doctrine, the work of the Holy Spirit, building up of disciples, and church leadership.

Bringing God’s Kingdom across Society

Jesus taught his disciples to pray for God’s kingdom to come (Matthew 6:10).  God’s kingdom is one that ultimately will have no pain, suffering, poverty and injustice.  

Our hope is to bring something of God’s perfect kingdom into society.  Remembering the poor, healing the sick, caring for the marginalised, contributing to the market place and involvement in politics are examples of how we can realise this through God’s Tribe.