Dear Friends,

We are still looking at the topic of work. Thank you for your encouraging feedback on the first 5 weeks of Let Us Build. There has been a request from a number of readers for some ‘how to’ material. In response to this, I would like to dedicate this week and next week to discussing some practical advice on how we should go about our work.

The basis for this week’s discussion is how the Biblical character Nehemiah went about rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. I encourage you to read his story when you have time. You will be inspired! Below are 7 points from his experience.

Bring your work before God – Give first place in your work to God. He gave you work. No one is able to help you and give you success like God can.  This is the most important practical thing you can do. Like Nehemiah, pray about your work, acknowledging your limitations and ask God to bless your efforts.

Get support from your leaders – Who are the key decision makers in your work environment? Nehemiah went to the King of Persia, whom he worked for as cupbearer. It is critical that you get the support of those who lead you. Share honestly and humbly what is on your heart with them. They can open doors for you and provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Study the problem carefully – Every job exits to solve a problem. Make sure you really understand the problem that you are trying to solve. You need to if you are going to make any real change. This will enable you to visualise the solution, and ensure that the right resources are in place. Nehemiah examined the wall before he started rebuilding it. 

Share a compelling vision – No matter how competent you are, you cannot achieve anything meaningful on your own. Get others on board with the help of a powerful vision. Show them the gravity of the problem and then paint a picture of what the future will be like when this problem is solved. Nehemiah painted a future with rebuilt walls as one free of disgrace for the Israelites. 

Delegate – Who is going to do what? Get people in the right positions. Initially you may all have to do similar things. However, as people prove themselves to be faithful and demonstrate competence, division of labour happens. Nehemiah was an outstanding administrator who effectively delegated various building tasks among the Israelites.

Measure your progress – Take time to measure what you are achieving as the work progresses. This will serve to motivate you and your team. It will also assist with determining whether any changes are required. Nehemiah records for us when the wall reached half way, and how long it took to complete the rebuilding exercise.

Keep going – Opposition will come. Challenges are inevitable. Some people will oppose you for the progress you are making. Keep going. Do not give up! There is no substitute for perseverance. Make adjustments if need be, but be sure to press on. Nehemiah’s enemies wanted to kill him, they mocked his work, and they accused him falsely. He turned to God and kept building.

Have a great week!

Yours sincerely

Sheshi Kaniki (Pastor, God’s Tribe Church)